Feb 26, 2018

AMA - #UsToo May be the Unintended Victims

Feb 24, 2018

25F Australian who works in law enforcement AMA

Feb 24, 2018

I am married with a wonderful wife and daughter, have retired from the military, and enjoy doing illegal substances (currently meth) but do not become addicted. AMA

Feb 23, 2018

German Law Student, AMA

Feb 22, 2018

My landlord is my homophobic mother-in-law and I'm a semi-closeted transmom. AMA

Feb 21, 2018

I'm a suicidal college student under unofficial house arrest because I'll probably harm myself if the opportunity arises - ama?

Feb 19, 2018

My legal name is AR-15. AMA

Feb 19, 2018

My legal name is AR-15. AMA

Mar 3, 2018

My name is Pat Heery. I'm an NBA Blogger & JR Smith disciple who moonlights as an attorney during the day. AMA about hoops

Feb 19, 2018

I’m a 22yo female and I’ve worked at 4 different thrift stores (and a lawyer) AMA

Feb 18, 2018

I illegally acquire and inject ketamine to treat my treatment resistant depression, AMA!

Feb 18, 2018

I am Oscar Scafidi, in July 2016 I kayaked and hiked 1300km along Angola's longest river. Hippo attacks, arrested at gunpoint, sinking in rapids: AMA!

Feb 17, 2018

California Cannabis Attorney based in Los Angeles. Ask me anything!

Feb 15, 2018

I am 16 and got arrested while on vacation with my family. AMA

Feb 14, 2018

I teach domestic violence and anger management classes in the evenings and on weekends. All walks of life come through my classes from murderers to "normal" people. These are court ordered and not ...

Feb 13, 2018

Maybe this will be interesting to some, maybe not, idk. I’m a legal hash maker in a legal cannabis state, AMA!

Feb 12, 2018

I love true crime! Ama!

Feb 11, 2018

Teenager with PTSD and a service dog. Ask me anything about Service dogs/service dog laws, PTSD/mental health, or just life in general!

Feb 11, 2018

Everyone has questions for cops. #AMA about police

Feb 9, 2018

AMA you want about true crime, prevention of mass shootings, military history particularly the Pacific theater of WWII. They are subjects I have a passion for and love discussing. Thanks!

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