Get Up Close and Personal with a Certified Cop in This AMA Event

Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Meeting with a cop is rare encounter and when we do, it means trouble. Well, not in this AMA event as Adam Wilson, a detective, SWAT operator, and a 13-year police veteran and discusses the profession of policing and clears misconception surrounding it. Learn more about him and his years in service as read through the responses below:

QUESTION: Were you ever caught in a situation when you have to arrest someone you know perhaps a friend of yours? How did you deal with it?

I have and that's something a lot of us do, especially for the ones that grew up near where they now police, like myself. I try to handle it as objectively as possible, and if they ask for any advice I give them the most honest advice I can.  Sometimes they don't like the answer!

QUESTION: If you weren’t a police officer, what do you think your work would be?

I would probably be in some sort of sales position. Something that allowed me to be out and about and not stuck behind a desk but allowed me to interact with people. 

QUESTION: As a police officer, what is the usual end goal or ultimate dream you have for your career?

Rank is always an option, but I really want to be a voice for my generation in this field. I want to help change perspectives that people have of police and help clear up misconceptions.

QUESTION: Did you ever watch series like CSI and laugh about how some situations are just too impossible in real life?

All. The. Time. I think the best one I watched that I laughed at the most was Dexter. These shows make everything seem so easy and immediate. Always entertaining.

QUESTION: What made you decide that you wanted to be a police officer?

It seemed like an actual career, and at the time I didnt need a lot of education. I'm very adhd and this seemed like a great remedy for that because we are doing something different every single day. It's the greatest job in the world. 

Discover the life of cops as you view Adam’s complete AMA event here.

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