AMA How can a sexual harassment lawyer help you to resolve your case?

Cummings Franck
Nov 15, 2017

For over 40 years, sexual harassment at work has been openly prohibited as a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Despite nearly two generations of awareness and education on the topic, sexual harassment is still a reality for too many workers. Sexual harassment on the job need not be tolerated. If you are a victim of sexual harassment at work at Los Angeles. There is best Sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles in the law firms that can help you for an evaluation of your sexual harassment situation and a discussion of how you can help yourself.

Whether you are a top executive or a minimum wage employee you have rights to take action against an employer who is acting illegally. He \She can be sued under the sexual harassment law. The lawyers of the firm always take the employee’s side and don’t represent Employers.

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Have you tried representing cases like this offshore?

Nov 15, 8:30AM EST0

Do you have a legal website creating awareness on the general effect of sexual harrasment in the office?

Nov 15, 4:09AM EST0

What is your insight about this scenario? A teenager reported to her mother that she was harassed by their neighbor . According to her, that person touched her chest. When they faced each other (the man and the teenager with the other members of the family); the man asked her, " Can you say it again? What did I do to you? The teenager answered, "You accidentally touched my chest." 

Nov 14, 12:30PM EST0

What are the most common psycological reasons of a sexual harassment? 

Nov 14, 9:58AM EST0

What's your take on cat-calling? It's also a ground for sexual harrassment in a working environment, right?

Nov 14, 9:34AM EST0

What should be the first thing a victim does?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

Is there a common age where this happens more?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

Why do you think this crime often goes unreported?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

Isn’t that biased by default then if the lawyers always take the employee’s side? How can you say always if you don’t know the story?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

Where is sexual harassment most often seen, is there a profession or area it happens more often?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

What is the most common situation of sexual harassment in your practice?

Nov 14, 8:57AM EST0

What are the charges one can get for sexual harassment?

Nov 14, 8:48AM EST0

How do you help victims - you say discussion on how to help yourself, do you have someone qualified in the company?

Nov 14, 8:47AM EST0

Can a case be built even if there were no witnesses to the harassment? Do you find that people shy away from reporting harassment cases because of this?

Nov 14, 8:47AM EST0

Have you had any famous clients?

Nov 14, 8:45AM EST0

What is your advice in terms of steps to take to prevent sexual harassment?

Nov 14, 8:31AM EST0

Has the development in the news with famous people being accused of sexual harassment increased the number of cases you are dealing with?

Nov 14, 8:12AM EST0

Do you have cases of men being harassed?

Nov 14, 8:03AM EST0

Do you deal with only cases where women are harrased or both genders ?

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Nov 14, 7:41AM EST0

Are you a lawyer? How many cases have you solved?

Nov 14, 7:14AM EST0