Jul 16, 2018

Ask me anything about: the future of electronics, about the staggering amount of energy we currently use in computing and whether we'll "run out of power" with the end of Moore's Law, and about "beyond CMOS" solutions to this challenge.

FLEETCentre: Thanks Bryan. I've been talking to a colleague about this and hoping that he will unearth some resources/experts. It does strike me that with Bitcoin, the end result of so much energy being used in the process wasn't exactly planned. My understanding…

Are you ready to live a purpose-driven life? Are you ready to learn what’s holding you back from creating success, wellness & happiness in your life? AMA about setting intentions, manifestation, healing your body through diet & fasting, shifting self-limiting beliefs, law of attraction, emotional balance, revealing your spiritual gifts, or intuitive life coaching! #happinessAMA

Shaina Mason: A few awesome activities I recommend to anyone are: Listen to affirmations to rewire your subconscious to incorporate more positive beliefs Practice strengthening your intuition by following that gut feeling whenever you can Honor your body by feedi…
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