Jun 19, 2018

Workplace Bullying Expert Deb Falzoi believes the secret to ending sexual harassment at work is making workplace bullying illegal. Ask Me Anything.

Deb Falzoi: When a target comes forward about abuse, it's important he or she has a right to confidentiality. But employers often take their own protections by adding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), which only protect their reputations that they damaged. NDAs …

Hard-boiled crime fiction from a former detective sergeant. AMA about writing realistic crime stories.

A.B.Patterson: Yes, I'm right into social commentary in writing and storytelling.  As I said in a previous answer, for me it is 1 of the 4 most important aspects of good crime fiction. Given my professional background, in policing and corruption investigations, the…
Jun 16, 2018

Bio-One; Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners: Suicide cleanups and the pain left behind! Ask Me Anything!

Bio-One: The types of chemicals, the cleaning process, then training. There much more to it than simply wiping a counter down with a wash rag and calling it good. You need to make sure you are cleaning everything and making the environment a clean, healthy, l…

President of Page 1 Solutions, LLC - Digital Marketing Agency for attorneys, doctors and dentists. Ask Me Anything!

Dan Goldstein: We have dabbled with other verticals beyond lawyers, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists and dentists over the years, but we have decided to stay focused on the verticals that we know the best. It allows us to write meaningful content for…
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